Peru: Day 12

Like every day on this journey, there is always something new and interesting in store. 

Grabbed the bus at 7am to drop me to see the condors in Colca Canyon before heading to Puno. The plan was to marvel at the condors for awhile and then catch the next 9:30 am bus to get me to Chivay in order to catch the bus from Chivay to Puno, the important one that I’ve already mentioned that only runs once a day. 

It was very beautiful but also very full of tourists at this hour. I did manage to see several though, and they’re gorgeous. Check out a brief description of the Andean Condor here:

Andean Condor

Here’s a few pics. This is one place I really wished I had a better camera!!! 

It was really very beautiful the way they soared through the Canyon. Anyway, I asked the guy patrolling the stop to make sure I was at the right spot to catch the next bus. I was. Waited until around 945 and asked another local selling things at the bus stop about the bus and she said yes, it would be there at 10. I had to go to the bathroom at this point and I finally saw the sign. She said I could leave my things there while I ran down. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, that the bus came and left and I missed it!! Alas, no. I did NOT!! El bano will not get in my way again. Hahah! 

I came back, asked her again, she called another over, they chatted, and the bus that was supposed to come was evidently broken (whatever that means). Anyhoo, this gal said she could take me on her tourist bus (smaller, personalized) and get me to Chivay in time for $15 soles. Fine, done. I need to get on that bus! So they were able to fit my bag and we were back on our way. (Is this a big scam they run? I don’t know. At this point I don’t care. I just need to catch that bus so if it is, it works!!!) Sidebar that another girl who had been with me on the early morning bus from Cabanaconde got on at the next stop and I stopped her, wondering, and she said that apparently the bus was broken. Ha! So if they got us they got all of us. HA!) 

Met a couple on the bus from the UK on Easter holiday so I was able to speak some English for awhile. I mainly spoke to the guy who was born in Massachusetts, while his partner it sounded like (from his accent) was from the UK. I talked with him for quite awhile about our travels and we laughed and it was really nice to be in an English conversation again. 

We got to Chivay in plenty of time. I checked my bags in to my tour bus stop and went to the square for lunch. 

If I haven’t already said this, every single square or Plaza looks very similar. Some are more traveled and cater to more tourists, sone are very rural and rather uncivilized. But they’re all generally the same. And if you stay near them, you’re usually fairly safe. 

Anyway, pizza and a beer! The pizza wasn’t nearly as good as the one I shared with Cesar in Pisac but it was food and I was thankful. 

Got to the station on time and the bus left on time. And THIS BUS… THIS BUS HAD IT ALL! I mean not exactly (and who knows because I’ve only experienced the public bus), but it was fully functional, I didn’t have to wipe off the seat first, and we used the left lane to pass OTHER BUSES! Simply grand. The other major feature is that we made two formal pit stops. What the whaaaaa?! Am I in heaven? And they accounted for us and didn’t leave anyone. It was a great ride. We even had “a guy” that told us where we were at points and gave us a recommendation on tea at one stop to help acclimate to the now new altitude (much, much lower than Cabanaconde, which is evidently one of the highest, hence my bloody nose). 

It was actually really good and I feel okay now, so Yay! 

Got dark and rained and I saw a fair amount of lightning, which was beautiful. It actually reminded me of Florida. 

Dropped off, made it to my hotel, and now I’m at an amazing restaurant down the street for dinner called La Table de Inca. It’s spectacular. Three course pre-fixed menu… App, entree, dessert for $80 soles. That’s about $25 US for those of you paying attention. Unreal. 

Trout ceviche; spectacular. 

Beef tenderloin with some kind of reedonkulous potato and cheese pie. Good evening, calories. And then, creme brulle for dessert. Seriously. 

#ideservethis #treatyourself

So the bus is picking me up at 7am for the Lake Titicaca tour. It’s a day long tour and then they drop me back off at the hotel. One more night then I’m off to Lima and then home. 

PS. I can barley walk from yesterday’s extravaganza. So, tomorrow I sit on a boat across Lake Titicaca. No hiking. Right????!!!! 

#treasurelife #fortunate #youreallyonlyliveonce


4 thoughts on “Peru: Day 12

  1. I was actually wondering how you were figuring things out today being so sore from yesterday! Had some Costa Rican civiche tonight and had you on my mind. Also very glad that you didn’t miss the bus today!!!! Lol


  2. Knowing what you went through on the mule ride — You’re totally amazing! I’m considering dna testing to be sure you are really my daughter! YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Love, Dad

    Liked by 1 person

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